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Can not change or add Planned Maintenance to vehicle in DBM

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Hello Friends,

Did anyone had same problem where user can not see add/remove/copy button on Planned Maintenance Intervals on vehicle in /DBM/VSEARCH.

I maintained service types for specific country

When Ia m creating new vehicle, Planned Maintenance Intervals getting populated but when I am trying to add new one on old vehicle (not sold yet) not seeing  add/remove/copy button on Planned Maintenance Intervals.

Nothing found on SAP note side search

Any help will be appreciated


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Yes their is no such buttons provided by SAP,

for old vehicles you may open the vehicle master in change mode and save it, this way it may take new planned maintenance profile.

The service is activated only when you enter the start date



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Thank you for your reply Ganesh

Which start date you referring to?

Before posting only I tried this scenario. I opened old vehicle in change mode and save it, it doesn't add planned maintenance profile.

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Hello All,

Did anyone tried to add PM"s after creating vehicle? Looks like it doesn't allow at all.