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Sub Lot creation and Tracibility

Hi, Our client is Auto component supplier, we are implementing PP-Repetetive here. we are going to have multi level BOM.Following is business requirement at each BOM level:1. Each production Run is identified as a Batch. 2. A batch will stored in ma...


Hi,I would like to know the effects on activating the IS-AUTO(VMS)DIMP in ECC 6.0 version, for other modules will there be any changes for the standard, If so what would be the best solution to activate the DIMP for VMS without effecting the integrat...

Resolved! Connecting VMS to IPC

Hi.Which are the steps to connect VMS with an IPC in the same box (within the ERP). The IPC is activated but trying to change the configuration appears a message: "The program can not display the web page". Do I need to implement a badi in VMS?Than...

Resolved! Hi

Hi SAP Experts,Could you give the main benefits,advantages of industry specific version of SAP i.e IS-Auto over SAP ?.Thanks for your answers.Umesh Karane.

Resolved! Vehicle Master creation

Hi,I have started to learn DBM, need your help guys.I am creating a Vehicle master, after entering the data on the vehicle new entry screen it navigates further where i can check different tabs like - data overview, vehicle history, general data etc....

VMS Sizing Exercise

We are considering implementing VMS and we are trying to figure out the additional storage requirments once this application is active so we can plan our hardware and storage appropriately.Is there a formula or a rough percentage we can apply? Any e...

VMS for OEM : Production Order

Hi All,VMS has all the features required for Automobile Importers. In the 'Make to Stock - Scenario ' , we can create vehicle , purhcase order and get vehicle from the Vendor . But implementing VMS for OEM is not that simple. Could any VMS expert ad...

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