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Resolved! VMS with CS

Dear Experts,Can anyone help me with my doubt regards SAP solution with VMS. We have two different companies, one that is responsible of importing the cars and the other one is responsible for accessorizing and some PDI services. In this scenario, we...

Unloading point BORGR

Dear all,we have the following case: a single inbound delivery contains up to 40 items of materials, to be delivered to several unloading points. If the unloading point is maintained when creating the scheduling agreement, this information will appea...

Supersession in sales order

Hi Friends,I am trying to setup supersession in sales order. I have created the supersession chain. SccenarioA - old material - stock 100B - new material - stock 0according to the documentation when I create a sales order for the new material "B", th...

DBM order creation from within an order

Does anyone have any experience of using /DBM/ORD_RFC_GET (or similiar order creation BAPIs) in DBM 6.0 and specifically the creation a second DBM order from an action within an existing order.I am running into problems with incorrect recursion level...

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