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Not able to delet the order

hi friendsI am not able to delet maintenance order. I have the following error message when I try to. What should I do? Thanks.Balance of ORD 1000006902 is not zeroMessage no. KO115DiagnosisThe balance on object ORD 1000006902 is not zero. That is, t...

Accounting Document not Generated

Hi Friends,i have created one Retail Order in DBM. here i have taken one job line item with Zero(0) value. althogh there it was generated the billing.but when iam trying for accounting document it would not created. so please help me to resolve this ...

Part Supersession

This is related to Supersession only. I have material A, B and C. I have supersessioned A with new material D, Now when I am trying to replace material B with material D it giving error as Chain alreday exist. May i know how to solve this problem?

Parts supersession on VA21/ VA01

Hi Friends,We want to have best of both worlds. We are using IS Automotive solution where supersession is a standard functionality. However we do not want to use DBM orders for parts sales since we wnat to have credit check functionality as well whic...

Pricing not possible for line Item

hiI am facing the follwong error because of which I am nto able to go to change mode . can you guys please suggest what could be the solution?Pricing not allowed for item 000020 (Split 0001)Message no. /DBM/PRICING004Pricing is not allowed for the sp...

Cancel warranty

Dear Friends,For one of the order there is warranty claim and for that warranty there is PRo forma invoice is also created.Now can you guys please guide to cancel this warranty as i am not able to cancel the sameRegards

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