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Resolved! Returns Order Copy Control

Dear Auto wizards,We are using the standard returns sales order in the VMS. The std copy control for the returns doc (sales order) is based on the (forward) sales order and as per the settings in R3 copy control for the sales order to order.The error...

Resolved! SAP VMS - Standard action CPGM

Hello ExpertsAs far as I know, standard VMS actions allow me to do "Cross Plant Good Movements" (standard action CPGM). The problem is that this action executes a stock transfer (without creating a stock transport order). I need to create a stock tra...

Automatic Delivery creation through VMS

Dear Automotive wizards,We are using the Vehicle Management system for or automotive process as a distributor and retailer. The sales order - delivery settings are NOT for automatic delivery creation. However, in some cases, the delivery is getting c...


Hi expert,I'm working on Velo, and I have a couple of doubts. I need some suggestion.How can i link order usage with order type??Also, how I can created a link between Contract/vehicle usage and Sales order reason?I know how this objets work on stan...

Help on IS-VMS

Helo all,We are working on a persuit, where we have to present an artifact on Vehicle management system. Basics are available on SAP. But can anybody suggest a good source to study a cycle (mainly distribution-vehicle movements) in VMS and its mappin...

Resolved! Doc type in VMS

Dear Auto wizards,The std VMS has one doc type for a sales order. if I want to provide the user to make a choice of the sales order doc type, where should i head for making the setting?I guess it would be some BADI.Please do enlighten.Regards,Tariq

Resolved! SAP GUI Error

Dear Gurus:I have already installed new patch level in the front-end computer, but I'm ubnable to initialize New Visual Design Mode. The error message was Unable to initialize New Visual Design Mode, please use Classic Mode.I don't know why the error...

Split Order

Dear Friends,I want to stop spliting RO for specific order type.Say from RO at present we can split the jobs for warranty order type and others also say XYZnow we want user should not be able to split the RO for XYZ so how to control that???Thanks & ...

Warranty Processing status

helloits regarding Warranty claim, I am not able to find change logged. And when a claim reaches a certain status eg., DBM2, it does not allow you to view exiting docflow.How to get out of this problem so that I can see the Doc flow atleast for proc...


dear friends,I have created DBM ORDER (/dbm/order), billing is done, now the status of order is closed. Now when i cancel billing the documents get open thats perfectly fine. But now if this RO i want to close there is no option to close the RO. We ...

Regarding VMS Integration with CRM

HiWe have done all the required configuration steps according to A84 - Vehicle Management System Integration with CRM guide .We are not able to load the vehicle specific objects such as R3_VEHICLE ,R3_VEHI_BUPAREL & R3_VEHI_HISTORY ecc to crm system ...

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