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DBM Order - Profit Center Control

Hi,We are facing an issue in DBM Order Profit Center Control (/DBM/CO_PCA).The business scenario is explained below:1) Multiple material groups exist (Ex. Accessory, Parts, Service..)2) Multiple distribution channels exist (Ex. New Car, Accessory Sal...

Resolved! Class Type 600 for Catalog

Hi,In Quality Client, we are unable to see Class Type 600 by default in the Classification System (Cross Application Components --> Classification System --> Classes --> Maintain Object Types and Class Types). However, we don't have this problem in ...

DPR offset in Cashdesk

Dear Experts,In DBM Cashdesk, I have created one DPR and copied it to the order. Against that DPR a cash receipt has been made. After saving the order and generating the billing document and accounting document, when I want to clear the final invoice...

Cancel goods issue in DBM Order

Hello,Is it possible to storno (cancel) the goods issue for positions in DBM order if the accounting period is already closed?I would like to storno the position in the current period,hovewer system doesn't allow to do this because takes automatical...


Hi Friends,In T.Code VELO, I am able to see the Vehicle Model on left hand side(Find Tab), (View is Configuration) after selecting the Characteristic values in the right hand side(Char-General Tab) then what is the next process?As i went through some...

Material Inquiry

a) Kindly provide all the possible T-Codes for Material inquiry in DBM.b) Is it possible to have a material inquiry screen similar to those used in the Inhouse systems like Orion, Dealerman, Autoplus etc. We presume that in SAP it is a creation of a...

Resolved! DBM Service order

DBM service orderKindly provide the flow ofa) DBM service order creation b) Processing Quotation/ Estimatec) Quotation Confirmationd) Material Issuese) Warranty issuesf) Picking list generationg) Material returns after goods movement & billing

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