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Resolved! Order 2000 and 2001 in DBM

Hi I am using order 2000 and in split tab , i am splitting against order 2001 (wty) for warranty purpose. Then in wty tab i can generate the wty claim.Then instead can i use 2001 as my main order.What is the purpose of 2001 if we can use 2000 (and th...

Warranty process implementaion

Dear all,We are looking to implement Warranty process in our company. Ours is a manufacturing company and we are in ECC 6. I understand we have to activate DIMP to have the standard warranty process implemented in our system. But I am not able to get...

Historical vehicle service order

Dear SAP Gurus,I need to know that is there a way that we can put all the historical data (Vehicle service order) in to SAP and if there is than can you please let me know the transaction code and all stuff.......Coz if we talk about Customer service...

DBM - Split tab in Order engine

Hi AllI have created a split for the order. In split type, 2001(warranty order) is used as order type.I want to maintain AAC (account assignment category) but this filed is blanked out..Can anyone suggest anything is missing in the customizing...Rega...

Resolved! Vehicle Photo

Hi. When a car arrives to do a service, I want to take a picture of it with any mark it can have, to avoid any future claim. If a take a photo of a mark, I want to make some anotations to it in the same photo (just like using the pencil in windows Pa...

Resolved! nodes are not displayed

hiOur client is working on SAP 4.6 C with SPlevel < 50 along with IS –AUTO 4.0 and looking to implement the Warranty module. Tcode-owty used as a part of warranty configuration does not open all the relevant nodes or a blank screen is displayed under...

Purchase order with multiple items

Dear Gurus,I would like to know the possibility of:1- Creating a purchase order with more than one vehicle (same model [material] and same characteristics)2- Creating a purchase order with more than one vehicle (same model [material] and different ch...

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