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Any ERP case about the disassembling and recycling of vehicle?

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Dear all,

      we r going to establish a company about disassembling and recycling of vehicle in north of china.The factory which is totally owned by nation.Any idea for this industry ERP solutions,particulary in disassembling and recycling(MES). I found all the SAP automotive solutions direct to the vehicle manufacturing,none of the disassembling and recycling. Let me know if u have experiences at it.



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HI Maxwell,

THere is no standard process to manage you are expecting in SAP.

The scenario is very interesting & I will do some research on this scenario.

However there are standard Actions in SAP VMS which can trigger rework or service order against the vehicle. Thus a service order can be used to recycle / refurbish the vehicle.

Tthe service order has tight integration with VMS, then you can create a used vehicle & sale used vehicles to the dealer or customers.

SAP standard CO can be used for product costing of refurbished vehicle or dismantled aggregates.

Inventory management solution expectatoons have to be understood to appropriately design & consider creating stock from either a dummy PO.

Let me know your further views.


Sachin Balmiki

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Hi ,

You can use standard SAP with Batch Management with characteristics like VIN, MODEl, MAKE, and Year as per your requirements.

Use relevant production order to consume the Vehicle Inventory and get its parts into stock.

Then have one more production order to assemble this parts into new finished product.

Speak to SAP PP person or post into that group.

Go with SAP FI/CO , SD, MM and PP .