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Add new node on vehicle master

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Hello experts,

We have many custom fields on vehicle master and we can't add more than 99 custom fields on same screen (SAP restriction)

Now I want to add new node (like we have data Entry, Service, Document flow)

Once I add new node, we know how to add new tab and fields. But How can we add new node no Vehicle master?

Do we need to use one of below mentioned BAdI or some other and how to do it step by step.

BAdI: Exchange Vehicle Data Screen in Vehicle Detail


BAdI: Exchange Configuration Screen in Vehicle Detail

Please advice.



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Hi ,

do you want to enhance DBM vehicle master or VMS ?



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Thanks for your reply, I want to enhance DBM Vehicle master

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Hi Vinod,

Please use PDF attached with SAP note 900850 - DBM: Technical Documentation for Vehicle Data Enhancements this will guide you step by step.