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Updating the latest vehicle configuration and the related information into IPC is an important activity when many customers accessing the Importer system using SAP Dealer portal. SAP has given the amazing functionality to update the IPC as and and when required so that customer can access the latest information in the Portal.

There are few steps we need to follow to update the details successfully.

Update Variant -

1- Vehicle configuration  : User to Add/update the applicable information (user mostly updates the Characteristic values frequently)

2- Variant Pricing           : User Creates/updates the applicable records when even there is change in vehicle specification or there is price change for same                                         Characteristic value.

Update KB Profile -

1- User Creates/Updates KB profile to capture the latest variant information.

Update DB -

1- To update the IPC we need to run the SAP standard Program - "CFG_ERP_REQUEST_DB" in SA38. (during low hours).

After working for some years now i wonder why SAP has not given any transaction code to execute this program ?

Why this step has to done by Support consultant ???

Why can not by user ???

Looking forward for some useful comment on this.

Cheers !!!

Best Regards,

Hemanta Kumar