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Hi all,

in my last post I wrote an overview of all the new stuff released with DBM 8.0.

I recieved a question concerning CRM integration with DBM 8.0, which I will touch on here.

With DBM 8.0 SP03 Vehicle Sales Assistant (VSA) was released.

As part of VSA an apporach on how to integrate with SAP CRM was also released, in the form of a consulting note

    ==> Note number:  1964300 - Integration of SAP CRM Leads with Dealer Business Management

I will here describe on a high level what the intention and approach is with this integration, you can find more details in the note.

The intention is to support a Lead to Cash scenario.

In this scenario the Lead will/can be generated in SAP CRM.

When the Lead has been sufficiently qualified it can be transferred to SAP DBM for follow-up and execution.

This means you can start with segementation and marketing planning in your SAP CRM system and use SAP CRM as a filter for your leads and only forward Leads to SAP DBM that are likely to succeed.

If you do not wish to utilize SAP CRM you can create activities (Leads) directly in DBM and follow-up on these using the standard processes in SAP DBM Vehicle Sales Assistant.

The overall process is depicted in following picture: 

Here it is important to note that we talk about a Lead object in CRM whereas the Lead is depicted in DBM as an Activity.

The status will be updated in DBM as well as CRM.

Following important set-up is described in the note:

  • Integration of Business Partner:
    • The source of customer/business partner can be either CRM or DBM.
  • Integration of Model:
    • The source for vehicle model is the DBM system.
    • With integration to CRM, the vehicle model created in DBM is synchronized to CRM.
  • Integration of Material:
    • If the lead management is planned for spare parts selling, the spare part (Material) needs to be integrated with CRM.
    • The source of information for spare parts is DBM.
  • Integration of Packages:
    • In order to use packages with lead management, packages can be integrated to CRM system. 
    • The source of package information is DBM.

In addition to the standard interfaces available in CRM middleware a few new interfaces has been created to support this scenario.

For technical details please see the note.

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