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Open Component Model (OCM) - Breaking Boundaries with Open Source Collaboration

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Join us on July 19th at 3:00 pm CEST/1:00 pm UTC/9:00 am EST for a webinar with Ingo Kober, Product Owner at SAP, and Jason Kafka, Engineering Manager at SAP, to learn about the Open Component Model (OCM) project and how the team navigated through a development culture clash for effective collaboration.

The SAP Open Source Program Office is looking forward to hosting this webinar about OCM, a project that is building the basis for automating secure software deliveries. Its dedicated tooling enables artifacts to be processed automatically at every stage of the digital supply chain.

You will learn about the capabilities of this open-source project and how to use it. Ingo and Jason will also share some insights about their open-source journey with OCM and what they think about different development cultures.

Please click here for more details and registration.

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