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Monthly Migration Series: Let’s Do This - Introduction about the SAP Community Platform (Option 1)

SAP Community

Join SAP Champion, @Kunal_Bansal, as he discusses SAP Community, migrating to the new platform and shares how he collaborates in Location Groups. We will also dedicate time to address all your questions.

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Kunal Bansal, Advisory Architect at IBM Kunal is an SAP CX Architect with an extensive track record of over 12 years in SAP CX Suites. He holds an outstanding 9x professional certifications, showcasing his expertise and commitment to excellence. He has been a driving force in various areas, including RFPs, Solutioning, and Asset-building, collaborating closely with business stakeholders to deliver exceptional client experience. He has a deep understanding of SAP technologies and strategies, and excellent communication and interpersonal skills, resulting in driving significant business value. Kunal is an SAP Champion, a mentor, coach and career counsellor. He is passionate about networking, learning, mentoring and contributing to the community. His motto is - Learn. Share. Grow. 

Expert in Topics & Skills: SAP CX · Emarsys · CDP · CDC · SMC · Qualtrics · C/4HANA
Resides in: Bangalore, India


@craigcmehil Craig Cmehil, SAP Vice President, Head of SAP Community and Influencers In Craig's current role, his focus is executing on our various strategies, direction and guidance of overall programs, enablement, and engagement throughout the ever-expanding SAP ecosystem. Together with his team, their goal is to drive the future evolution of the SAP Community. Craig is also part of the SAP Community Migration Leadership Team.

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Feel very excited. 

Active Contributor

@craigcmehil Excited to listen to Chief after long time !!


Excited to join the discussion with SAP Champion @Kunal_Bansal and thank you, @craigcmehil, for your invaluable leadership in the SAP Community and its ongoing evolution. Your insights and guidance are greatly appreciated as we explore the ever-expanding SAP ecosystem. Looking forward to the conversation and learning from both of you!"


Very excited to listen to @Kunal_Bansal about the SAP partner community!


Excited to listen to @Kunal_Bansal about SAP migration

Active Participant

live on youtube - or was, seems some startup opportunities