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Global Running Day with SAP Community - Walldorf

SAP Community

Come to Walldorf on June 7 at 8am for a refreshing easy run / walk (or even by bike, / as you wish) in the forest next to the SAP Campus and be part of #GlobalRunningDay!

As I have not been running around in the forest much lately and don't want us to get lost... aaaand Thomas' route from last year looks really promising, check out the route details in his blog post for our Global Running Day June 7, 2023 Route (same as last year) 

By the way, it's a pitty you can't participate this time, Thomas, but hopefully next time!

Looking forward to your participation, SAP Community! 🙂 

Please come on time to the terrace in front of the gym entrance (to the left around the corner of the main entrance of SAP Schulungszentrum), we'll start at 08:10 am latest! 

If you'd like to join and participate in your own location, let us know so you can still earn a badge (learn how in the link below) and we can cheer you up! Read about Global Running Day and simply leave a comment here: 

See you! 





Event has ended
You can no longer attend this event.

SAP Fitness Center (WDF05), Dietmar-Hopp-Allee, Walldorf, Germany
Active Contributor

Hope it goes well @mynynachau 💪

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Went really well! Hope you had a good run, too @pjcools ! 

We were sooo faaast, that I could only create this snapshot! 😄 


@NKill Thanks again for re-creating the path in google maps, it was super helpful!