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SAP Build Process Automation | Low-Code Highlights Series | SAP Community Call

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Join this SAP Community Call series to experience the latest updates from SAP TechEd in 2022 and more on SAP’s low-code solutions.  

In the first call, Sebastian Schroetel, Head of low-code/no-code products at SAP, will introduce SAP’s unified low-code offering with SAP Build. Thomas Volmering, Chief Product Manager at SAP Build Process Automation, will share the latest product updates and highlights from SAP Teched 2022. 

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I created a free account to access the BTP evaluation environment to carry out the LowCode Developer Citizen certification, but when trying to include the SAP Process Automation Service, the evaluation service option does not appear, so I cannot proceed, there is some impediment to accounts free? or do I need to do any more steps?, I visited several blogs and links but without a solution. I think that something that should be simple to configure is not friendly to set up the evaluation environment, if you can help me with some guidance I would be grateful.

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hello @br_leosoares thanks for your comment. Kindly ask you to raise the question in using the SAP Build Process Automation tag. With asking your question in our Q&A forum, you will reach the right experts to get an answer to your question!

Regards, Svea

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @br_leosoares, Thanks for reaching out; I am part of the SAP Build Process Automation team. Glad to hear you are on the learning journey!

Which environment are you referring to, please? Is it the free tier? Can you please drop a link or a screenshot, so we know how best to help you? 

Thanks and best,