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"I quit!" - How to prevent employee churn

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In our SAP Community Call, we will provide you with an overview of the embedded machine learning capabilities in SAP HANA Cloud. Besides learning more about these capabilities, we are finally kicking-off our next SAP Community Challenge: the SAP HANA Cloud Machine Learning Challenge, that will be hosted in cooperation with our SAP Machine Learning experts.

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• Sarah:
• Yannick:
• Andreas:
• Christoph:

Check out the SAP Community topic page for SAP HANA on-premises and cloud databases:

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


You’ve signed up for ML Community challenge "I quit! - How to prevent employee churn” kick-off on November 28th, that’s fantastic!

For this week, we are offering two prep-calls to get you ready for the challenge. See this blog for details. Prerequisites for the SAP HANA Cloud Machine Learning Challenge “I quit!” – How to prevent employee .... As you will need an SAP HANA Cloud instance (Free tier or trial are not compatible with the challenge contents), and if you don’t have an adequate set-up yourselves, please reach out to the team to get access to a suitable instance.

Looking forward to see you joining our challenge!

Best regards,


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello everyone,

around 50 of you've signed up for the SAP HANA Machine Learning community challenge kick-off last Monday, over 20 of view have signed up for system access and started working on the challenge in the first week, that's fantastic 😊!

Everyone else, you can certainly still sign-up with the information in the above post, and join the challenge for week 2 and 3!
To give you a quick start and catch-up, here is an example Jupyter Notebook for the data upload and exploration using the HANA dataframe in our ML community challenge github example repo.

If you have questions join our open office calls next week on Tuesday/Thursday (see this post for timings) or post your questions in this Q&A thread.
During the open office calls next week, we will also demo some new feature which might be of help and share some hints regarding the data in a post of the Q&A thread. Stay tuned!

Have fun working on the challenge!