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Effortless development of Cloud Native Applications on SAP BTP using the SAP Cloud SDK

SAP Community Calls

Have you had experience building cloud native extensions or applications on SAP BTP? Did it involve writing a lot of boiler plate code for handling connectivity and authentication complexities in addition to your business logic? The SAP Cloud SDK helps in simplifying this complexity by providing convenient ways to consume SAP BTP services and provides means to generate typed clients for OData and OpenAPI services which further eases service consumption.

In this session, you will learn how SAP Cloud SDK drastically simplifies application development. We will also additionally showcase how easy it is to migrate to a new version of the SDK.

Connect with our speakers at the SAP Community:

Kavitha Sivakumar 

Alexander Duemont 

Visit and follow the SAP Cloud SDK Community topic page


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whether ABAP environment can use Cloud SDK APIs

Today SAP Cloud SDK is only available for Java and JavaScript/TypeScript.

While we are considering other languages for the future, unfortunately ABAP is not an option.