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SAP CodeJam on SAP BTP Tools, Runtimes and SAP Build Apps

SAP CodeJam

Note: Registration is now closed as we've reached the physical capacity of the event. Anyone registering after July 5th does not have a seat unless confirmed via email by the host.  The RSVP option on the right of this page will not work towards registration.


 SAP CodeJam on SAP BTP Tools, Runtimes and SAP Build Apps

This SAP CodeJam is a special event as it will have an introduction and overview of the new Developer Advocates Team in India. 

Secondly, we will have a presentation on Developer Tools and Methodologies for Runtimes with SAP. 

And third we will focus on some SAP Build Apps hands on exercises outlined below.  

You will get to know the environment by creating:

  • a no-code application using the SAP Build Apps Composer tool. The application you create will enable you to scan a barcode on a smartphone and retrieve information from a public API. To do this, you will need to download the Preview app (available through iTunes and Google Play store).
  • Configure the logic flow in your application to enable your device to open your camera on demand, whenever the user clicks the Scan button.
  • Connect your application to a public API and then test that it's pulling the right information.
  • Configure your application to fetch records from a public API when a food item is scanned, using a Get Record command, which first needs to be configured.
  • Display data fetched from a public API, such as product names and calorific information, in your SAP Build application.

An outline of the prerequisites you MUST do BEFORE coming – is available below: 



This is an in-person event only (not virtual) and is planned for Monday, July 17, 2023 in Kolkata India from 11:30 am - 4:00 pm IST. The language of the event and the content will be English. 

Address:IBM Consulting

DLF IT Park 1, Plot No-08, M Arterial Road, New Town, Rajarhat, Kolkata ,West Bengal , India , PIN - 700156

The instructors are Developer Advocates Josh Bentley and Shrinivasan Neelamegam

The event is kindly being hosted by IBM, thank you! Please note that spaces are limited – we can only accommodate 25-30 attendees. 

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SAP Build Apps 

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Featured Guests
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Developer Advocate

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Developer Advocate
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DLF IT PARK-1, Street Number 30, Action Area I, Newtown, New Town, West Bengal, India