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SAP CodeJam Belgium - Gent - delaware - Introduction to the Core Principles of UI5


Dear CodeJam Team, 

We are a SAP Partner interested in organizing a code jam focused on Introduction to the Core Principles of UI5 and would like to request your support in making this event a success. 

We understand that SAP offers CodeJam events and we believe that this would be a great opportunity for us developers and our customers developers to learn and develop our skills in UI5, while also connecting with each other and sharing ideas. 

We would appreciate your assistance in organizing this event, as well as connecting us with a SAP expert who can lead the CodeJam session. 

We propose hosting the event on 25 May or 31 May 2023 at our Gent office, with an estimated number of participants of 25. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you in organizing a successful CodeJam event. 


Jasper Debie & Mathieu Maenhaut


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Thank you for your interest. I have logged your request and will contact you via direct message here in the SAP Community Groups to gather a bit more details.