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Technologists met to learn SAP HANA in the beautiful city of La Paz, a city dictating its own terms for growth.   For over two years I have been discussing and presenting the topic of Smart Cities around Latin America and it is hard not to think of “Smart City” when visiting La Paz.  The cable car system in this capital is a good example of how a city can improve the quality of life of its citizens by taking into consideration unique city challenges of topography and population growth.  However, once you get to know the youth, technology consultants and innovators you clearly see the drive of how creative minds are moving La Paz to dictate in its own terms how to become a Smart City while taking into consideration its own values, culture and challenges.

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to do my second SAP HANA CodeJam in La Paz, Bolivia hosted by the Universidad Catolica.  Once again a room full of participants with over 30 consultants, IT, developers and students wanting to learn and be up to speed on the latest.   Just like the first CodeJam it was a wonderful experience with all the enthusiasm in the air not only to do the hands-on material but also by asking the right questions and by planning a path continue the learning of SAP HANA. 

The interest on SAP Technology led to a follow-up presentation a couple of days later to graduate students, which I was glad to give.  A room of graduate students had the opportunity to learned more about SAP Analytics and how SAP technology is leading in the next generation of Big Data Enterprise applications in real-time. 

These events will not be possible without a SAP advocate and partner in La Paz CHCC Consultores SRL lead by Ivar Buezo and Oswaldo Figueroa Domenjean Director of the Engineering and Systems school in Universidad Catolica.  I greatly appreciate all effort and collaboration to make these events a success.



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