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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate


Last week was the second outing of the new SAP Build CodeJam, the first being the week before in Bangalore, India.
Daniel & I were fortunate to have two great groups of attendees, who were attentive & ready to follow our materials. 
The two events were kindly hosted by delaware in Ghent, Belgium & rku.IT in Herne, Germany and both times in their offices.
The wonderful thing about CodeJams is that it brings together attendees who may not have met each other before.
So for us SAP Developer Advocates, a CodeJam is not only exciting to see attendees try our materials,
but to see conversations and new friendships being created is awesome.
If you're interested in hosting a CodeJam, head on over to this blog post: So, You Want to Host a CodeJam! Everything you need to know!


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Great to see you around in Germany @Ian_Thain @Dan_Wroblewski 

Next time when you are here and around the area of Mannheim, let me know, and I drop by for a coffee β˜•πŸ˜

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Hello guys, I hope you are doing ok. I wanted to know if there is a way to get somewhere the SAP Build project you explained at the SAP code jam event(Ghent). I wanted to show what I did to my collegue but for an unknown reason I lost my trial account and the content of it. So is there a way to retreive the content the application with some import/export ?


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