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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
Continuing the journey of SAP CodeJam in India, we concluded one CodeJam last week at Bosch Global Software Technologies, Bangalore. Topic was ABAP Cloud and RAP. Given Bangalore being the hub for developers, room was filled with 29 enthusiastic and energetic participants. Few had travelled from other cities as well.

We had a warm welcome by our host Sachin and the participants started to fill in the room quickly. The setup was good, a proper training room. All technical checks done and started at 9 AM dot with an introduction of who the Developer Advocates are and all the activities that we engage with the SAP Community.


All the participants tuned in

Quick introduction of the participants was a good way to know our audience better and it served as an ice breaker. This was followed by Overview of ABAP Cloud and ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model (in short RAP)

Sheena giving an overview of ABAP Cloud


Ajay explaining RAP development flow


Hands-on exercises

The day flew by. We had a positive and collaborative experience during the hands-on exercise with the group. Everyone were actively involved in learning and supported each other during technical glitches like account set up, ADT issues...

Troubleshooting during the exercise


Time for a selfie while participants are busy with the exercises 😉

The entire group was quite actively engaged in discussing various uses cases and how to apply the new learning into their projects. We also had senior leadership team from Bosch drop by and boost the event.


All in all, this CodeJam event had a warm atmosphere with actively engaging participants. We had great questions which resulted in interesting discussions. It was time well spent with good networking and a smile on everyone's face made our day.


Networking lunch

Wrap up!


An overview of this CodeJam topic

It's noteworthy to give a brief overview of the topic now that you have a fair idea about how the CodeJam event went.

We started with a basic of exploring the different objects in ABAP Cloud. For all the ABAPers, it was interesting to know how to create ABAP objects without using SAP Gui.

We created a simple ABAP class fetching the data from a database table. Moved on to understand how to consume an external HTTP service by leveraging the SAP Business Accelerator Hub and view the results in a browser.

Exciting part was the overview of RAP model and applying it to the travel example. This included creation of database tables, CDS views, creation and enhancing the service and finally creating a fiori app

If you are interested in hosting a SAP CodeJam, all the details are here
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Do you have any recordings available of the session.

Thank you.
Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Hello Sameera,

This is an in-person event only and no recordings available.
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