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Community Manager
Community Manager

I was just recently in Riga, for an SAP CodeJam around SAP HANA XSA. This was our most recent in upcoming XSA events and personally my first trip to Latvia!

It was a great event with several folks powering their way through the materials, some of which are already online here. The event was held on the river and was possible thanks to Accenture and our very own SAP HANA Developer Edition running on AWS.

Several attendees were ready to jump in and help out each other, at times I even wondered why I was needed 😉 they took to the material like they had known it for years! I'll just assume we have just really awesome technology that is easy to work with!

This event actually came about as a result of one attendee, Vlad, having been in Poland for an event and then sending us a request to come to Riga.

The after event consisted of a tour of the old town as well as some Pokémon adventures, I do feel bad I think I got a few of them hooked on the game now!

We've many more SAP CodeJam events coming up all over the world and on multiple different topics! Be sure to join the next one or even request your own.