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Yesterday I attended this SAP CodeJam. To do that I was driving from Munich to Stuttgart in the morning. Unfortunately I had 2 or 3 traffic jam on the way. After arriving at the facility I had some problems to find a parking space but at the end I managed that.

The event started at 10:00 and was held in the facilities of itelligence. Everything was well organized. Food and drinks were prepared and we were given a laptop each which was installed with more or less all relevant software. Only Google Chrome was missing but that was easiliy changed later. I preferred to do the exercises on my own computer anyway to be able to take them with me home easily. The organizer of the hosting company gave a short introduction and then we started. One instructor of SAP SE was present and he began to show us a few things. Then we did our big exercise which we seemingly completed all without big problems. At lunch we were given additional food and drinks and all was organized very well. After that we continues with the exercise. It seems that in former SAPUI5 Code Jams the people were much slower then us because we all completed our exercise quite early. Then we were given some bonus information and did additional exercises. All worked pretty well. At around 17:00 we were finished and the event ended.

I have worked a little bit with SAP Fiori based on SAPUI5 earlier and think that this CodeJam was very interesting for me and that I understood many things. I am mainly ABAPer (and former Visual Basicer) but still I could do my exercise with Javascript without big problems. I will try to learn more about this programming language in the future as it seems that SAP will use it in several areas.

All in all I am quite happy with the event. I am not sure if I have time to attend other CodeJams in the remaining year. Especially as the next seem to be mostly in the northern part of Germany and I am starting a new project soon. But still I will keep my eyes open and look forward to the next such event.