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Why SAP killed Appgyver and made everything worse?


Hello everyone,

This is a legit disappointed/angry post to understand why SAP made everything WORSE in the Appgyver matter.

Starting with this forum, what a strange and confusing experience just to write this post, i was redirected to at least 5 pages, couldn't use my EXISTING SAP account and had to create a new one to access the SAP community but in the end my accounts were linked??????????????? Also the UI here is also very confusing to say the least, after the creation of my account, i had to subscribe in the blog to post something, WHY??????????? Why make everything extreme complicated, exhausting and confusing?


Looks like SAP is making everything as possible to make sure the users migrate to other solutions like Flutterflow, Appgyver was perfect, built BY the community TO the community, it had some bugs but had the BEST feature every company/solution needs: TRANSPARENCY!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAP needs to listen more the community and stop thinking about money, treat the free version seriously because we report, we care and WE help SAP where they need!

After learn that the posts are moderated SAP it self before posted in the community i don't have any hope that this post will be published, this only shows that SAP cares more about the delusional minds of its investors than the users.



I too am extremely frustrated at the changes SAP have made to a really nice low/no/code solution and landscape.  I can't find anything any more.  I can't build my app without Apple rejecting it.  For over two weeks now I am stuck with no response from any developer, or no indication that anybody is working to fix it.

I have invested two years into this landscape, I have really nice authentication into Firestore and an app that uses sensors on an iPhone.  It looks like the direction SAP wants to take AppGyver is as a front end to other SAP systems.  SAP is not for me - I cannot afford SAP, nor can my clients (although I have built many apps in ABAP/WebServices for my former employer).

"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."

Sorry for the rant - If I get booted here so be it...

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Joseph, thanks for reaching out. I understand the frustrations you mentioned with the community experience here. It was unlucky timing that we happened to migrate the AppGyver forum users at the same time that SAP Community was also undergoing a migration to this new platform. Honestly we in the team are also still getting used to things and have been giving detailed feedback to the Community team on how to improve the experience here. Please note that while we welcome any feedback about the community experience, this forum in particular is the Builders Group, so the topics here should be focused on SAP Build products specifically.

As for the community edition, we have not made any major changes from the old version that would affect your apps in a major way. If anything, the new version will become a much smoother development experience, and of course you can use this community to continue reporting bugs. (See this blog in case you missed it: Joining from the AppGyver Forums? Start here in the Builders Group)

For the items mentioned from @JohnBallard - The issues affecting the build service in the past couple weeks should be resolved now. If you are still experiencing specific problems, please make a new post with the required info (type of builds, which version you are running, etc.).

We appreciate the honest feedback here (and yes, we are always reading the discussions!) and hope we can continue showing that the free version is indeed highly valuable for SAP.


Hello EsmeeX,

As English is not my main language i didn't understand this part:

"...Please note that while we welcome any feedback about the community experience, this forum in particular is the Builders Group, so the topics here should be focused on SAP Build products specifically..."

Are you referring to the main subject of my post? Isn't SAP Build Apps the Community Edition? 

Although i didn't mentioned the tool specifically, the Appgyver Forum was part o Appgyver itself and we used to post about the tool and the forum in the same space.

You guys call this space SAP Community, but new SAP Build Apps was called Appgyver Community Edition so there is this first confusion, after there is SAP S4HANA, SAP STP Innovation, SAP Build CodeJam, SAP Build Proccess Automation, SAP This, SAP That, SAP Everything, its a exhausting overflow of information, labels and small things that we need to understand in a short time and even with "Joining from the AppGyver Forums? Start here in the Builders Group" the post is not clear about those differences, that are vital to understand the whole SAP ecosystem, and what we will face with this migration.

This is the transparency i was talking about, there is none! Please make a live to the new users or a short video explaining the changes and put in the page and a link to redirect to the SAP Community, I know the team are facing a hard challenge with both migration at the same time, but if you guys are having a hard time imagine how us the users are?

I apologize for the choice of words and the harsh tone I used but in my case and many others, ours jobs, companies and clients rely on SAP solution, but some users don't argue about or fight for what we built, they just choose to migrate to another solution, because its easier, imagine that: its easier to configure tons of API endpoints, colors pallets, texts, automations and everything to build an app than argue and give a feedback for you guys, if that doesn't concern the team and the company i really don't understand nothing of anything.

I'll give feedback and fight for the tool as long as I can see hope of someone in the team to hear the community but frankly in this new community i don't see much...

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Joseph. So just to clarify this statement:

"...Please note that while we welcome any feedback about the community experience, this forum in particular is the Builders Group, so the topics here should be focused on SAP Build products specifically..."

Are you referring to the main subject of my post? Isn't SAP Build Apps the Community Edition? 

I apologize if my communication was unclear around this. SAP Build Apps is the name of our enterprise product (formerly SAP AppGyver). We also offer the Community Edition (formerly known as AppGyver Community Edition), which is the free version of this product that many developers have used for years. We will have more news regarding the official name of this soon, which will hopefully make it clearer when we write blog posts, etc.

This Builders Group is open for users of the entire SAP Build low-code portfolio, which includes SAP Build Apps, SAP Build Work Zone, and SAP Build Process Automation. More official information on SAP Build here:

So anyone that's interested in SAP Build products (and that includes the community edition of SAP Build Apps) should engage and connect here in the Builders Group.

You're completely right that the SAP ecosystem has many products and topics, and it's overwhelming to the newcomers. I am also relatively new to SAP and I find it to be a lot! To be clear, my blog post was solely focused on letting the AppGyver users know how they can quickly onboard to this new Builders Group and use it to connect with us and report their learnings/issues/etc. And also, the SAP Community has many improvements needed to make it easier to navigate between all the topics and separate product pages. Again, we're happy to pass along feedback about the SAP Community experience!

I'll look again at the blog post, but if you have any specific suggestions for something I could add to the article to make it clearer, I appreciate the input.

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Can we have content of back????

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Hi Esmee,

Can you or someone from the SAP Build Apps world responsible for the Community version users let me know if there is any way to get a mapping view (UI) in the Community version? Thanks!

And is there anyone on the SAP-side "responsible for" the Community users? It seems like questions about Community version don't get any responses. Any help finding right way to get more "Community"-facing help would also be appreciated.  

Dave Gerding


HI EsmeeX, my apologies for reaching out to you here, but I cannot find any other way to do so. I found a thread mentioning the migration of old projects over from the classic app gyver community addition to the new build but it mentions to contact you directly for help. I did not receive any notice of the migration and now cannot find my old projects - with a very frustrated team asking me for them. Is it still possible to recover an old project?

thanks in advance!



I can understand the "concern", but what I can't understand is the tone of the post.

Best regards,


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can anyone answer: where can we find old appgyver forum content?

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Is it possible to recover my projects from my old AppGyver account?

Thank you for your help!

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi, I'll send you a DM regarding your projects.


Hi @EsmeeX could you please help me retrieve my project? I'm having the same issue. 

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Hi Esmex,
I also have this issue. 
Cannot upload my project backup (mtar file) and my other project is gone.

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Hi , can anyone help me?

I'm trying to find the way to delete firebase storage file? easy to upload but no flow function to delete? 

I wonder if i would find it on old Appgyver forum ... there was answer for every struggle or question , it was visible and easy to navigate through. 

Is there any chance we could have a download link to taken off content ,please??