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Trouble using the "Event Property 'Content' changed" in Build Apps

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Hi All,

I'm trying to use the Receive event logic for a Text component but I'm having trouble making it trigger, not sure if I'm missing anything obvious. To simplify the example, I have added a Text component to one of the pages and I have added the following Event in the component's logic:


The Content property is currently bound to the system variable 'Screen orientation'



In theory, just by holding the phone in portait mode and back to vertical, the content of the text should change between portrait and vertical (which it does, I can see the text on the component changing back and forth). - I also tried with different bindings (other SystemVariables like network status, app/page variables, etc.). The issue is that the event does not seem to trigger as the next action (a Toast with the text TEST) never shows up. This goes for any action I set after the event. Am I missing anything? Is this not how the "Content changed" event works?

@Dan_Wroblewski I have been following your posts these past months, any tips on this?



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Looks like a bug ... I also could not get this to work, even though "Property Label changed" for a button worked as expected. But even there it did not work for system variables.

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Thanks Dan. I might raise it to SAP then.