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there is a simple way to make a Single API POST to create Multiple Rows?

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Dear Experts:

i have this API structure:


i want to send 5 or more rows on a single POST. is this posible in SAP Build Apps? (AKA AppGyver)

if i can i think i need to use a formula in the "Create Record" flow function? or just need to map the values of the my "List of Objects" that store information of my multiple rows?


Or i need to do a single row create until my object gets empty? (using flow functions)


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Solved this with the IF Flow function sending 1 line and deleting that line from my List of Object and checking if the list of object is empty and sending another line until the object gets empty.



I think this is temporary until i get more experience or some expert tip with a smarter way to do this.

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Hey Josue, 

In fact, there are several ways to achieve this : 
You can decide to loop five time processing one record at a time for example.  You can also use the HTTP Resquest component available in the marketplace to process a single ad hoc call containing but one JSON object of 5 records.  Of course, you must ensure that the backend that you are sending the request to is able to process such a call. 
All the best