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SAP Build: release updates - July 2023

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello builders!

Curious about the latest updates for the SAP Build portfolio? Then check out these blog posts with the release highlights in July:

Product:Some highlights include:Read more:
SAP Build Apps

- Android builds
- Sample data to test your app
- Import data into VCF entities

What’s New in SAP Build Apps – July 2023

SAP Build Process Automation

- A New Datacenter Availability: US30
- Add Subprocesses to a Process
- Import Visibility Scenarios

What’s New in SAP Build Process Automation: The Top 5 Product Updates of H1 2023

SAP Build Work Zone- Sunset of SAP Neo Environment and SAP Cloud Portal Service
- Latest features
What’s New for SAP Build Work Zone in Q2 2023 and what is coming next?

Check out the product roadmaps to know what's in the making:

➡️SAP Build Apps

➡️SAP Build Process Automation

➡️SAP Build Work Zone