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SAP Build Code Jam Error on Part 8


Hello there,

I am encountering an issue with Part 8 of the SAP Build Code Jam and cannot wrap my head around the error I encounter. I was able to complete Part 7 and test the Process I created, it worked well. I then went on creating the action for fetching the business partner by number (created the Destination for it before, using the Destination Definition from the sap-build GitHub). I tested the action and it worked well : 


I then went on to amend the Process with the newly created action


Added the action, amended the condition of BPGroup, updated the inputs of the Approval Form with values coming from the action. I proceeded then to update the Build App itself, adding a page variable to the Cart view, associated it with the Dropdown BP, updated the Purchase button logic (the part of the Create Record) with the BP Page Variable. 

I then test the application and check the Process in the Monitoring section, where I run into this error : 


Have any of you encountered similar issues? I also tried modifying the Destinations of the S4 HANA by adding "TrustAll" - True property, instead of having the "Use default JDK truststore" checkbox checked (I encountered issue with this also on the "April (Citizen) Developer Challenge".



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Thank you for the links, @ajmaradiaga . Unfortunately, adding the TrustAll property didn't help me out.

I will redo the whole CodeJam from part 1 and if it's not working then, I will try X-CSRF configuration and will update the progress here in the discussion. 

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

I am checking with development. We got this issue several months ago and it had something to do with subscriptions and nothing about the specific destination. I will update when I know more.

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