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SAP Build Apps - Frustrated Newbie

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I've been evaluating numerous low/no code app builders on the market and would like to give SAP Build Apps another try but it's quite frustrating to get it all set up. I originally started wiith Appgyver (pre SAP). I think I'm close now but when I create my trial subscription, I get a "Failure" notice with the following message:

Subscription Failed

To subscribe this application link an Identity Authentication tenant to the subaccount with the "Establish Trust" option. For more information:
Error Code: 422
I have searched for in the Community for anything to do with "Error Code 422" and came up empty. So here I am looking for help. I have also searched help documents for "Establish Trust" and not found anything helpful.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi pmerriman,

For SAP Build Apps to work, you need to setup the Cloud Identity Management service first. Go to the SAP BTP cockpit, on the level of your global account find the menu on the left hand side of the screen. Find "Boosters" and find Cloud Identity Services booster (it can be also named Identity Authentication Service). Run this booster first and you will get the authentication service running. Note the name of this authentication service. Then in your subaccount, where you want the Build Apps to be working, find on the left hand side menu position "Security" and then "Trust configuration". Now in the middle of the screen you will see a button named "Establish Trust". Press it, leave everything default and select your name of the authentication service you noted earlier. This way you set the security trust. Now, when the security trust of your subaccount is set, come back to the global account and Boosters section. Now find the "Get Started with SAP Build Apps - Detailed Account Setup" booster and run it. When asked for the subaccount, select "Use existing subaccount" and select your subaccount you set the security trust earlier. Add your e-mail address in both administrator and user fields. Run the booster and it should work.

Best regards


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi @pmerriman ,

422 is an HTTP error code. It just means that there was something your browser couldn't process. Does this link work for you?



Had the same problem - used the booster: Perfect!
Set Up SAP Build Apps on an SAP BTP Trial Account (