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Problem while testing Automations with either Desktop Agent or the Bowser extension

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We connected correctly our Desktop Agent with the Cloud Factory and installed successfully the browser extension on Microsoft Edge. As soon as we want to the an automation, the test window loads extrem long and then the error message "Agent Health Check" appears and it says that we have to check the Desktop Agent or the Browser extension. But both should be correctly installed.

The customer has some complex it security requirements regarding the general browser activities.

Is there anything known, that some firewalls or security walls can stop the desktop agent/ browser extension from working ?


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi ,

Can you please check in  the Details section of the Task Manager if you can see Cx.ChromeBroker.exe.If you don't see it Check whether the security policy is active on your computer and prevents the agent broker from working.Please refer to this link  for more details .





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Hello @Chaitanya_Priya 

I will reply for marcobitz... 

This solution helped. Thank you very much!!! 🙂