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OData Filtering in SAP Build Apps – Could This Work For You?

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

People always want full OData filtering (and other OData manipulations) in SAP Build Apps. But the filtering is severely limited for most people (see this recent question).

The Potential Solution

Currently, there is no way to do a lot of the filtering OData provides, like Contains or Ends With and things like that.

To "solve" this, I used the REST data resource with destinations, instead of the OData integration. I admit you lose a lot of the advantages of the OData data resource – interpretation of the metadata, selecting all the entities, filtering/paging/ordering, and even converting the response. All that has to be done manually.

Still, I was able to filter and I thought perhaps it might help someone. Here's what I did.

I created a data resource of type "SAP BTP destination REST API integration" using a destination to the Northwind OData service.


I enabled the list action, and set it's path to a formula.


I then created a data variable (collection of records), and in the logic of the data variable, set the Get record collection's Search parameter.


Inside there is just query field, and I set this to the entity I wanted plus any filtering, such as:

/Customers?$filter=contains(CustomerID, 'AL')


The only other thing I had to do is, when setting the data variable from the output, I used a formula to remove the OData header:

outputs["Get record collection"].records.value

Because the OData response adds a header and my REST data resource does not handle this.


And it seemed to work:



My Challenge to You

OK, this is just something I threw together in response to a question in the community. But:

  • Is it helpful to anyone?
  • Can you improve on it?
  • Are there fatal limitations to it?
  • Is there a better solution?

Leave your comments below.

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Hi Dan

i have BTP Build Apps trail account and managed to connect with ease to my sap backend.

but i could find the screen where you registe the list for extending the search. can you guide me and what did i miss?


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Glad you could get part of the way.

What do you mean "the screen where you register the list for extending the search"?

  • I went to the Data tab (top navigation), where I created a data resource. Dan_Wroblewski_0-1712206050478.png


  • This gives me the screen I showed in the post above.

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Thanks - I got the screen now. 

this is very helpful one for me

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It was very informative Dan,
I had some problem in accessing the below OData


as using this in Record Collection only provides me '' 

outputs["Get record collection"].records.value


please provide a solution



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Sorry to have missed this reply.

SAP Build Apps sometimes does not know the schema of the response, so it will not provide you with autocomplete of the fields. The way around this is to use a formula, where you can specify anything you want. Note you might get a warning in red saying it doesn't recognize the field, but you can still use it.

SAP Build Apps can recognize the schema if you run a test in the data resource (Data tab) and then click SET SCHEMA FROM RESPONSE. 

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hi Dan

i have the same situation where i have to implement all the steps you listed out.

it woks like magic.

thanks for your post.  it is very helpful.