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Live Process General ledger Creation

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Hi All..

I am trying to set up the 'General Ledger Master Record Creation Process using SAP Workflow Management or SAP Build Process Automation' in SAP Build (free tier tenant) which is there in the SAP Store. I have followed the steps in the set up document and reached a place where I am unable to move forward. Has someone set this Live process or similar live process and can help out will be great.

Below is what I have set up so far and the issues I have seen so far.

Set up:

  • Added the Live process project in the Build lobby.
  • Imported the Integration package to integrate with S4 HANA On prem
  • Set up the Fiori launchpad in the Work zone
  • Configured the Destinations (few destination giving 401) and set up cloud connector 
  • Created the custom CDS for the drop downs and FM for G/L creation


  • The application is there in the Workzone launchpad but not fetching data from the backend S4 box using the integration services. I have imported and configured the integration flows with the right backend RFC and the services are exposed in the cloud connector.
  • Also how to call the business rules from the live process?

Not sure if I am missing some steps to make it work end to end. 

My idea was that when I try to create or change a G/L it must go to an approver / reviewer and once approved it must be created / updated. 



Vijay V



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We've just started looking at this same content package and I'm interested to know if you have it working yet?

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After four months of trying to make this work without success, we are moving on to a different approach. We have re-checked the setup steps from the documentation (same as performed by the original poster); but, the CDS views from the back-end are not being received and we don't seem to have connectivity from the new app at all. 

We were hoping to use this to redesign our GL Master request process with an approval workflow built into the process. 

Active Participant
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I`m not really deep in the problem, just brainstorming - but did you setup correct authentification to the destinations used to fetch data? Are there any problems in the monitoring part of lobby?