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How to draw Signature in SAP Build apps


Dear All, 
Good day,

I have developed a application in Build apps. My requirement to capture the signature of the end user in the signature canvas.

I have verified in the market place and found the signature component available in the market place. But unable to implement in the UI canvas.

Any assistance/guidance on this requirement is highly appreciated.

Thank you in Advance.sign in build apps.png



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

The flow function works on mobile only and essentially will create an image for you that is stored in cache of the mobile device. You can easily display the signature by adding an image component and setting its "Source" to the path field of the output of the "Draw Signature" flow function.

Here I have a button and an image components, with a logic flow for button tap.


For the set page variable for the variable connected to the image, I set the page variable to the path of the signature.


Here's the app.


Open the draw component and sign.


Now it appears in the image.


You can treat it like an image file and upload it somewhere or move it on the phone or whatever.

Hope that helps.


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Hi Dan,

is there a chance to get it running on a pc?

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I hear your pain but I'm not in charge of the product so it's not up to me.

FYI @marihirvi  

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Dan, Thank you so much for the assistance.

Solution is working in my application.