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Error 413 in Build Apps when sending POST Request


Hello all,

i have a problem in sending a POST Request with Build Apps. I want to send a file with BASE64 to a rest api. 

Every data file up to 50 kb is working fine, see:


but if it comes > 50 kb, then the file is too large and i will see a Error 413, which indicates that the payload is to large. See picture with example of 400 kb file. 


With postman i can easily send this file with 400 kb. So the problem might be on Build Apps site?
What can i do, to send large content (best up to 5 MB) with Build Apps?

Thanks for your help!
Best Regards


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Can you provide he endpoint you are trying to access, as well as the headers -- both when running from Postman and when running from Build Apps?

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My request headers are both the same:

Content-Type: application/json

My endpoint I can't provide to the public, because i created a cap app to be the endpoint between build apps and Object Store (AWS S3 bucket).



Sorry, yes, this is a known issue and fix is coming up.
Default nodejs express json payload size is unfortunately 100kb and we had not changed that.
But as said, fix will be in the next release.
Note: in deployed app you should be able to post as huge payload as your backend allows. this restriction is about sap btp destinations in Build Apps editor and preview

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thanks a lot for this information!!