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Citizen Developers Possibility


Dear community, 

I would like to do understand any organization has taking the initiative of relying on citizen developer(non-technical user) to develop application using SAP Build Apps .Which organization has a success stories to share leveraging SAP Build Apps developed from non-technical background user such as line business user, business analyst, functional, etc? What are the business use case and how long does it take to roll out for productive usage?





Hi! Appreciate your question! I'm a fellow business practitioner (Citizen Developer) who looks for straight forward approaches to use SAP Build Apps (& other SAP Build products).  Here's a few customer examples:

There are two aspects to consider: (1) Building impactful SAP Build Apps as a business practitioner; (2) Rolling it out. 

For the building part... check out the Learning Journeys, review the in-app videos (at the bottom of the SAP Build App UI canvas), check out the SAP Discovery Center, and most importantly start simple and identify a use case that is practical and that you believe in to work towards. 

For the rollout part... I suggest a strong partnership with your IT team who will have a test system, production system...and can team on the governance for live rollout and production. Of course, you can use a free trial and as an individual pay as you go (depending on your situation). 

Here's 3 blogs (1 Spotlight Interview) and 2 posts...

There's alot of powerful data in SAP and third-party products/platforms/apps so I'm very keen to tap into it with SAP Build Apps and related products, by way of what us Citizen Developers can deliver versus a need for pro-coding. 

...And I'm work on a new SAP Build Apps blog for us Citizen Developers...stay tuned (Hint: How we can use API's in a straight forward way)!

Hope this helps! Welcome other business practitioners and experts views!