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Cannot create a build app


Dear Builders, 

I setup our SAP Build Apps using the booster and then added our team members with the needed build app and registry roles (according to the documentation). 

If the users log in with the Default Identity Provider they can get to the Build Apps Lobby, but if they use the custom IAS option they cannot get in. The problem is, they can't create a new app, then it give us the error "You cannot create project with default IDP configuration. Please configure a custom IAS IDP".

Has anyone seen this before? Maybe it is something obvious that I missed...

Much appreciated! 


Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Have you added them to the Custom IDP? Have you added the uses from that IDP to the BTP tenant? And have you given those users -- from custom IDP -- permissions to the lobby?

Sorry if you did, just checking: Technically, users will exist in 2 IDPs (Default and Custom) as 2 separate users and you could give them permissions (roles) in one IDP but not the other.

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Thank you for the quick response! An hour before I got your message I figured out I have to add them to the custom IAS in the Cloud Identity Service and not just as a new user in the subaccount. 

I should have asked on this forum before I struggled for such a long time. Great to have such an active community 😁