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Can not call Process Automation from Build Apps in preview (404)

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SAP Build Process Automation SAP Build Apps 


I am trying to connect Build Apps with Process Automation. However I am facing some issues on destinations.

I have a free tier instances of Build Apps and Automation ( Free + Standard Instance) 

I have setup this destination as per the tutorial



I have implemented this dummy flow 


And on call it generates me the error : 


Would anyone have a clue on what did I miss ? 

Knowing that I am only in preview.

Thank you so much 






Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate
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Can you show the full URL and full token service URL in the destination?

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So it seems that is working now. 
I have deleted my instance of Process Automation. 
Subscribed to the Booster and re-done it from the Automatically created Destination. 
Delete the new Process Automation (standard) to subscribe to the Free one.

What would be good is that we get the possibility to have "partial booster". 
(e.g. Create me this destination from my current running Build Process Automation function). 
Because it might be hard in the future to stay up to date with all the functions.

Thank you

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This is all on trial?

Maybe share what was the cause of the original not working.

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