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Log off button

HiOur App preview is causing multiple sessions in S4 backendHas someone been able to implement Log off button in Build appsRegardsMB

SAP Build Apps - Renaming Apps

Dear Support Team,1. when I copy App, I still cannot rename them. When will it be possible? 2. I had a workaround to export the app as zip.gpg file and create a new app with a new name and load the file but I am now facing a limitation of 200MB " fil...

iOS Binary rejected

I still get the same message from Apple who rejects the Binary. I tried to make a help ticket but the UI is very difficult to navigate in SAP Portal, I hope it can be improved and solution found.Beginning of message from Apple                 App Sto...

Builds Failing with new runtime

It's been more than a week since builds are failing for my web app. Out of two, the builds go through for one of the apps sometimes, but for the other it always fails. Is this something you guys are working on? SAP Build Apps@EsmeeX @MaiaraEllwanger ...

screenshots android disabled in the app

Hello,Why are screenshots disabled in the builder on Android, but also after compiling an APK I can't take a screenshot of my app!?I also cannot display the builder screen in Windows while sharing the mobile connection. It was handy for developing.Th...

J-Luc by Explorer
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SAP Build Apps - Frustrated Newbie

I've been evaluating numerous low/no code app builders on the market and would like to give SAP Build Apps another try but it's quite frustrating to get it all set up. I originally started wiith Appgyver (pre SAP). I think I'm close now but when I cr...

Live Process General ledger Creation

 Hi All..I am trying to set up the 'General Ledger Master Record Creation Process using SAP Workflow Management or SAP Build Process Automation' in SAP Build (free tier tenant) which is there in the SAP Store. I have followed the steps in the set up ...

SAP Build - Currency fields

First look at SAP Build today, in the Sandbox.  I can drag an input field onto the UI and change the properties.  What I would like is to set it so that it looks/presents and behaves like a Currency field.  displaying with a users decimal format or i...

ACurtis by Explorer
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Cant set Scema from GET record

Hi i managed to connect AppGyver (community version) to our C4C backend and got the REST API to work for single record, see the image attached.this schema is incompetible when i tried binding a single text to any field of this data source.when i put ...

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Wrong image in repeated containers (SEVERAL BUG)

Hello. I have repeating containers with a background image.The images are obtained from an API and in each container, they are taken from different URLs.In the preview application, the images are not taken correctly and the same image is always repea...

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ramg by Explorer
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Build service failed community edition

Hi all,Are there issues with the build service today? I updated my web app last week no issues. After a small update today, build service failed. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.Runtime version: 4.9.148;AB version: 2.0.0-alpha.1COMMAND:/usr/...