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Web Building Error

I'm trying to build a web app but received the info bellow.I've tried eith diferents apps, the result is the same.Runtime Version: 4.9.201Status: errorError Message: Unknown error, contact support for more details.Queued at: 21/03/2024, 00:38:20Build...

Record count build app

We are not able to show the the "Record count" in our S4 Data based build appHas someone been able to use GET Collection sucessfully on S4/Gatway OData APIAny pointers wll be helpfulCheersMB

Multiple backend sessions

We are facing an issue with Build apps connectivtiy to S4 backendLauch a Build app in previewLook at the Data in browser session7 Backend S4 sessions are opened for one App Preview?Close the browser, the Backend sessions are not released?Has someone ...

Best (Teaching Low Code) Path Forward?

Hi BuildApps Community,I'm an associate professor in Chicago that has been delighted to use AppGyver and now BuildApps to teach rapid, low code app development. Does it make sense to keep using BuildApps?The tool is great, but I can't get my students...

BTP Build Apps: App Variables not working

Yesterday while working on my project in build apps I suddenly couldn't get my app variables to load for me. This is the only type of variable to give me an issue, all the other ones load for me. When I am on the app variables tab and switch to anoth...

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To request confirmation for using the back button

Hello,Is it possible on Android (and iOS) to block or better yet display a confirmation message before exiting the application if the back button is clicked while on the home page?I need to do this because I've chosen a single-page app, so my menu sh...

J-Luc by Explorer
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Login authentication problem facing

Hi Experts,I am reaching out because I'm encountering difficulties with the login authentication process on our platform.Firstly, when I enter a username and password, I need to verify whether these credentials exist in our database. Secondly, if I m...

But where do I use this variable?

Hi,I tend to make somewhat huge applications and I'm looking for an efficient method to integrate comments into SAP Builder logic... I already had this problem with AppGyver... and another problem is finding or a Variable is used in a page or in an a...

J-Luc by Explorer
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Log off button

HiOur App preview is causing multiple sessions in S4 backendHas someone been able to implement Log off button in Build appsRegardsMB