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Help with "scroll to" flow function

Perhaps I'm missing something but I can't get the "scroll to" flow function to scroll to the top of a page after a button press. Reference documentation for the function states that the page will be set to a selected Y-coordinate that is a distance i...

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Use Environmental Variable for Web App path

Dear SAP Builders,this is my first post here so I'm excited for your feedback.I'm prototyping a simple automation for web GUI App in a S4 Public Cloud system.This is my first web automation using Build Process Automation. I have used different RPA to...

MM6 by Explorer
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How to draw Signature in SAP Build apps

Dear All, Good day,I have developed a application in Build apps. My requirement to capture the signature of the end user in the signature canvas.I have verified in the market place and found the signature component available in the market place. But ...

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How do I create a custom Leaflet map component

Hello team,I am trying to create a custom component for the marketplace that simply displays points on a leaflet map. I try to create a new component by converting a container into a new component. I then add a custom javascript in the logic that def...

LynnS1 by Advisor
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Unable to get Modal Dialog box in SAP Build Apps

Hello Team,My requirement is that when i click on "Icon" a modal dialog should be opened.  I have created a new page in Build apps and in my current page , i am using Open page navigation and assigning my newly created page value to it and making ope...

HariniM by Associate
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Dark Mode

Hi all,is there a way to create « dark, light and system mode » in AppGyver?Thank you for your help#AppGyver #sapbuildapps

Babyface by Discoverer
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Hello,I have a question about Appgyver, is there a possibility of declaring "Right-to-Left writing to manipulate Arabic & Hebrew text ?(with Text align properties « left » in the component it’s not good solution)Thank you for your help#appgyver #sapb...

Babyface by Discoverer
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