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Build Apps + Xano: Magic Token Authentication

Hello! I am looking to add a reset password function to my app using Xano, SendGrid, and SAP Build Apps. I am utilising the reset password snippet. So far I have been able to initiate the phone app to send through an email with the link to my web app...

Sign in with Apple

It's been a bit of a challenge but I've made somewhat some progress. I do need some expert help however, perhaps somebody has already tackled this issue!So far I can authorise users with their biometrics and retrieve an authorisation grant code from ...

Error Build App

When trying to build the .apk file you always get an error, even with applications that had been built and tested before.Runtime version: 4.9.133;AB version: 2.0.0-alpha.1COMMAND:/usr/local/lib/node_modules/@appgyver/orchestra-builder/node_modules/rn...

LuisG by Explorer
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Federation APPs between BTP Subaccounts

Hi Experts/Builders!I'd like to ask for your help.We have a customer who has implemented SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition (let’s call SA1). They also use SAP Fiori Launchpad + ABAP environment which is on a different Subaccount(let’s call SA2) a...

No more Delay flow function in data variables!!

Not sure you've seen the change in SAP Build Apps, but when creating a data variable, you no longer get the Delay flow function to call the backend every 5 seconds. I routinely removed this, because I was worried my S/4HANA or other backend would get...