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SAP Build Apps - Edit mode

Hello,I'm building an app which will write to a database lines with several fields.I want to add a possibility to collect data and have an edit mode of the existant data of the data base, like this:What I need to know is how do I setup logic to have ...

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SAP Build Challenge – Week 5 – Workflows

This post is part of the SAP Build Community Challenge (April 2023)This challenge will focus on the other major part of SAP Build Process Automation: Building workflows.For this last SAP Build challenge, we want you to do 2 things:Go back to all 5 ch...

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SAP Build Challenge – Week 2 – UI Design

This post is part of the SAP Build Community Challenge (April 2023)This week’s challenge involves another area that is key to build apps with SAP Build Apps, but is often overlooked when learning about the tool: UI Design.Here is a UI – admittedly no...

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Cannot create a build app

Dear Builders, I setup our SAP Build Apps using the booster and then added our team members with the needed build app and registry roles (according to the documentation). If the users log in with the Default Identity Provider they can get to the Buil...

How to return/read BTP user logged?

Hi, BuildersI'm developing a web application using SAP Build Apps, I'm also using BTP authentication and BTP destination.My question is: how can I return/read the user logged (email, ID... anything) using this authentication method?I'm trying to save...

SAP Builders Spotlight

Dear Builders, Do you know your SAP Build project could be an inspiration to other builders, and possibly a solution to the problems of others? The ‘SAP Builders Spotlight’ series is featuring builders like you. This series highlights success stories...