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Federation APPs between BTP Subaccounts

Hi Experts/Builders!I'd like to ask for your help.We have a customer who has implemented SAP Build Work Zone, advanced edition (let’s call SA1). They also use SAP Fiori Launchpad + ABAP environment which is on a different Subaccount(let’s call SA2) a...

SAP Build - release updates - November 2023

Hello ‍‍ These are the latest updates for the SAP Build solutions. Check out these blog posts for more details to the release highlights: Product:Some highlights include:Read more:SAP Build Apps iOS BuildsonboardingBTP trial availability What’s New...

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Build Apps and OData with authentication

Hello, Experts,Citizen developer here And urgently needing help Could someone guide me please, how to connect my Build Apps web app to the SAP HANA Cloud OData WITH authentication?- HANA Cloud schema and tables and data - done- HANA Cloud OData inter...

Citizen Developers Possibility

Dear community, I would like to do understand any organization has taking the initiative of relying on citizen developer(non-technical user) to develop application using SAP Build Apps .Which organization has a success stories to share leveraging SAP...

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Process Automation Plan Type - Free Tier

Hi,I am trying to create an instance for SAP Build Process Automation but I am a bit confused about Plan Type.I am using Free Type application and I need to create an instance to the use in destination.In the entitlements, it says that it is free whe...

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