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Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Yes, the SAP Build Community Challenge ended back at the start of May, but I was remiss in not singling out the people who worked extra hard to submit something for EVERY challenge (thanks for the nudge, @PrashantJayaram).

Just as a reminder, we had a series of 5 challenges related to SAP Build, as described in You Think You Know SAP Build? Take Our Challenge. We had over 100 people participate, and everyone received the famous SAP Build challenge badge.


But only the following 19 submitted something for all 5 challenges. Here, in no particular order, are the 19 ultimate winners.

If you are a top winner, please write a comment about your experience with the challenge and what grabbed your attention so that you decided to participate each week (or at least kudo the post).

@Former Member 



Hi @Dan_Wroblewski  , thanks for hosting this challenge. I actually participated in the challenge without much prior knowledge on SAP Build, neither I had hands-on experience.

Before attempting each week challenge, I used to refer to quick tutorials & learning materials that you had shared. This was really helpful in speeding up my learning. 

I really enjoyed participating in this challenge and would definitely recommend my colleagues to attend such challenges.

This has given me the required confidence to learn and contribute more towards the SAP Build Community and to my current organization. 


hi @Dan_Wroblewski ,
It's truly a remarkable achievement for me.

What makes this even more special is the fact that I had no prior knowledge of Low Code, but I had experience with UI5.

Participating in this challenge was completely worth it as I not only learned something new but also had the opportunity to showcase my skills.

A big thank you to everyone involved, and especially to @Bharathi_S  for nudging me to join. This experience has broadened my horizons and ignited a newfound passion for SAP Build. I'm excited to continue my learning journey and explore the possibilities it offers.

This appreciation means lot to me, as it has given me a newfound sense of confidence.
Thank you for that @Dan_Wroblewski .


Hi @Dan_Wroblewski, thank you for this challenge.

Participating in the challenge and completing it all was a wonderful experience, even without any prior experience in SAP Build.

Every challenge gave me the chance to learn something new, and the tutorials you provided were really helpful to complete the challenge.Expecting more challenges from SAP Build community in future.

Thanks @Dan_Wroblewski  for the appreciation, it means lot.

Congrats to all the winners and my colleagues @KarthickD @Ranjith_Kumar .

Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Congratulations to all the winners! Well done 👏

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Thanks @KarthickD and @Bharathi_S for such warm comments 😌

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi @Dan_Wroblewski,

it was a pleasure for me to take part in this challenge.

I had no prior knowledge about low code tools and so it was a great opportunity for me to get this knowledge using SAP Build Apps and SAP Process Automation. Without your shared references to the tutorials and learning materials and a clear guidance for every challenge what materials should be used to solve the challenge I would not have been able to do it. The most time I spent for the Automation Bot in challenge 3 with getting a trial account, installing the desktop agent and finally recognize the web page and all its user interface elements. With the achieved knowledge from the challenges 1 to 3 I could really fast solve the challenges 4 and 5.

So I really appreciate how you have set up the SAP Build Challenge and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more about Low-Code/No-Code.

Congratulations and thanks to all the winners and participants who inspired me with their comments.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Congrats to everyone who participated, especially to the 19 winners! Well done 👏

Active Contributor

Hi @dan_wroblewski,

I am grateful to @Dan_Wroblewski  and the organizers of the SAP Build Challenge.

Though I had some exposure to SAP Build and SAP Build Process Automation, the challenge provided an opportunity to further explore these tools. It was refreshing to encounter new topics each week. Particularly, as I hadn't delved deeply into UI Design before, it proved to be helpful and insightful.

Thank you for organizing this valuable event.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

I also made a submission for all 5 challenges, just fyi.  (@Dan_Wroblewski , I didn't "nudge" you out of pure benevolence. 😁)

I'm planning to start working with SAP's partners on their Build solutions within the next few months, so these challenges were helpful in expanding my knowledge.

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

@PrashantJayaram hmmm, in the data I received from the data scientists, and I double-checked now, I didn't have you doing week 4, even though I can see you entered week 4 on May 5. 

I officially declare you a top winner ⚔️

Sorry for the mistake

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Thanks @Dan_Wroblewski for hosting the build challenge. 

I was planning to explore the Build Process Automation and happened to notice this challenge just in time. So, I followed it along. 

It was a great journey. Thanks to all the participants who encouraged me a lot.

BTW, I was not aware of the task center in Build Work Zone and activated the Workflow Management initially in my Free Tier account. I was sent a bill of almost GBP 400. I got that reversed after raising a ticket. 😎



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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No worries @Dan_Wroblewski .  Much appreciated.

Active Contributor

I had missed this thread, just stumbled upon it today. 

Thanks Dan for organizing this contest. It was fun and learning as well.