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Learn from peers about their low-code journey and write your own blog posts to share your thoughts and experiences as you become an SAP Builder.
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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Welcome to the SAP Builders community group.

The announcement of SAP Build at SAP TechEd 2022 sets the stage for the establishment of this group:

 "...development teams have become over stretched and the people closest to the business problems – the finance managers, supply chain gurus, and manufacturing mavericks– don’t have the tools or the technical know how to build the solutions they need."

This is a group for both the "over stretched" developers and the "people closest to the problem". Think of it as a place to learn how to build the solutions you need with SAP Build, to engage with other SAP Builders, and to celebrate your successes and achievements.

You'll find blogs on topics like "Getting Started" and "How I Did It, discussions of best practices, tips and tricks, and a knowledge base. Initially, most of this will come from SAP employees, but we hope you'll contribute, too.

A few rules of the road:

  1. Anyone can read the group content, but you need to join the group to contribute and participate. You can also receive notifications to subscribed content if you join. It's easy to join up.  Just have a look at the Getting Started area of the Help link.
  2. Follow the SAP Community Rules of Engagement for posting. There will be moderation.
  3. Label your discussion posts to help with organization and searchability. We've created labels to help the organization of content here into major topics we expect to see.
  4. This group will evolve over time as we come to understand the needs of the community of SAP Builders.  Feel free to discuss the things you would like to see as we evolve.  

Welcome to the SAP Builders community group.