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Why are there so many duplicates in the followed activities?



When I looked at followed activities in new SCN today, after clicking three times on "more" button at the bottom of the pages, I had the information that 3 blog entries were updated.

One member updated her blog about 10 times, and each was posted as serverel lines in my followed activities. Why?

Can I switch this off somewhere?

And can I configure, that I see 100 instead of about 10 activities before having to press "more"?

I mean an algorithm to sort out duplicate entries from a list and a configurable number of entries loaded at once, that's nothing complicated, is it?

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Hi Dominik - you're not alone in this. I've seen several posts about strange entries appearing in the Activities list, and I also shared a PDF print of my feed that was showing activities from people or tags that I am not following. After a certain timeframe the 'more' button seems to get out of whack when the twitter style feed of xx seconds/minutes/hours ago entries seems to no longer be sorted. I tend to come and go from the list, opening items in a new tab and then eventually get a timeout error and the whole page reloads. Perhaps you can experiment with the drop down to filter a particular category?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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As Jeremy noted, you are not alone in this frustration. I sure hope there is a more permanent solution to this (might want to check Idea Place to see what's already suggested).

Some tips for the short term.

1) Always check activity stream before you do anything on SCN. Otherwise you'll be drowning in the list of your own activities (which I'm sure, as a conscious human being you don't need to be reminded of).

2) Make use of the filter. As Jeremy mentioned, there is a filter available for certain activities. It's clearly insufficient but is better than nothing in the meantime.

3) Consider temporarily unfollowing some items and bookmark them instead in your browser.

Keep in mind we also lost "Minor update" checkbox in the content, so unfortunately even if I fix a typo on the blog my followers get blasted with the updated. This is just as uncomfortable for the authors as for the readers/followers.

I wish I had better solutions but I hope the SCN team is aware of this problem and is doing something to improve this.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)


Hello Dominik,

This is an excellent suggestion and I couldn't agree more with you. We will definitely need to implement some sort of "Activity Grouping" where similar activities are grouped together to decrease such noise from the Activity Stream. This idea has been submitted in Idea Place and we are definitely considering it seriously: You are free to show your support by voting it up!

However, I hope that you will be patient in seeing the implementation of such a solution in our Community. The Activity Stream, especially can be a tricky work topic in developing new features as it touches all other platforms and needs coordinated development efforts.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your concerns.