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Where can I find support or report SAP Me bugs?

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SAP for Me has issues with authorizations. I've tried cache refreshes and logout/in but cannot get it to work properly.

Specifically, it blocks my software download access. My administrator had checked and double-checked. Nothing has changed, but with the SAP for Me transition, somehow authorization to download notes or anything else is blocked.

Also viewing the correction instructions from SAP for Me does not work. It re-pops up the "enter your S-ID" screen and then authenticates and then gives an error. When I use SAP ONE, it works just fine.

The common thread is always the authentication. When it has to do a re-authentication for some action it does not seem to be able to pass that to the next step in the flow.

Where can I report this?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I have done this before and was told to "contact directly the support of SAP For Me by heading Services&Support tab>Report a Case"

See screen shot below:

Now there were times when this did not work in SAP for Me and SAP told me "we kindly suggest you report incidents via SAP ONE Support Launchpad. The step by step on how to report an incident is described in the SAP KBA 1296527 - How to create a support incident."

Good luck

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