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What is difference between SAP for me and SAP ME?

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I have a bit confuse on the SAP for ME and SAP ME(Manufacturing Execution).


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I am going to build a machine that is going to link to SAP Manufacturing Execution. I need the bellow data exchange with SAP server:

1. User Long in

2. Lot data

3. Process ID

4. Product IDs.

5. Combine few Products IDs into new product ID.

6. Process Data:

i) Processing Speed

ii) Dispensing time

iii) Process time

iv) Error Log

v) etc.

My machine is going to build with Visual C#. May I know that how to link to SAP ME server.

Manufacturing Execution

Manufacturing Execution

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My Machine is something like the lowest part of the image. Which protocal let my machine linkable to MES?

Some how there is also some other configuration.

Now the question is which approach is suitable for me and what is the benefit?

The approach needs any library file or dll file from your side in order for me to link to the SAP ME?


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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SAP for Me (lower case) is the customer portal from SAP where you as a customer will find everything to manage your customer / supplier relationship (e.g. your contracts, licenses, balnce statements, etc.). Visit the landing page for more information:



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oguzhan.genis Thanks for your prompt reply.

Now my question is what if I need to develop a Visual C# desktop program to link to SAP ME MES like describe above, which license should I choose from? Or how can each license can benefit to which part of the MES linkage?



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