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Vendor Replication from SRM to ECC through PI (SRM 7.02)

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Dear Experts,

I needs your help in developing one solution. We have a requirement of replicating  the vendor from SRM to ECC once he's bid is selected.

We are want to enhcance the standard functionality where vendor (potiential vendor/biider) can be replicated under supplier pre-selection role.

Actually standard functionality creates a vendor in ECC with minimum details like name address and by default vendor is created in 0001 purchase organisation and with currency EUR .

Also account group is always ZBYi.

Flow of document is from SRM to PI (XML) and PI to ECC (IDOC)

But our reuqirement is to create a vendor with

1. selected account group (custom group)

2. 1000 purchasing organisation.with

3 1000 or 2000 company code (depending upon the scenario).

4.  Map The tax details like TIN, PAN CST service Tax with CIN details in ECC.

5. Currency (custom field in supplier registration form)

Currecny, account group and purchase organisation are standard fields in PI message structure. We are planing to overwrite these values

with the help of BADI "BBP_ES_VENDOR_CHECK".

But i dont know how to update the remaining data for this vendor like company code, tax details,  etc.

Even schema group and GR based invoicec verification recondilation account needs to be updated.

Please let me know if any function module or BADI is there to update these data from SRM.

I have tried looking any help but was not able to find. Thanking you in advance.

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Hi, First capture the the additional fields in SRM ROS Screen and save it. Then use an RFC call to SRM from ECC from the Badi with the address number. Sample code in Badi BBP_ES_VENDOR_CHECK to get the address number

loop at ct_idoc_data assigning                   

  where segnam eq 'E1LFA1M'.

move -sdata to ls_e1lfa1m1.

if ls_e1lfa1m1-ADRNR is not initial.

  lv_adnr = ls_e1lfa1m1-ADRNR.



You can update back to Idoc Structure in ECC like

   loop at ct_idoc_data assigning                      

         where segnam eq 'E1LFM1M'.  

    move -sdata to ls_E1LFM1M.

     ls_E1LFM1M-waers = lv_waers.    

MOVE ls_E1LFM1M to -sdata.


Similarly other fields you can pass in the iDoc structure. If it is not found,trigger a background job from this exit and update TIN and CST values( these are J_* tables for CIN can be updated directly)

Regards Aromal